Making It Well Done

I don't personally celebrate Father's Day much. As a dad of five you might find that strange, but I lost my dad on a Father's Day years ago. It sort of took the magic of the day of its sails for me a bit. Working on that, but that's a personal hurdle for another time.

On his gravestone is a quote that I've taken to heart (and am paraphrasing here): Wherever you go, leave a trail of friends and improvements.

It's like one of those philosophical golden rules.

No, not that golden rule Jafar.

The other one: "Do to others what you would want them to do to you."

When I so eagerly joined NTG I had an ulterior motive: make the Internet a better place, especially for my three girls. These people know what they're doing and if they'll have me, I know I can help with that.

Lara here, clearly sees the Internet as it is right now.
From @legallylara
I'll be dating myself a bit, but I remember when the Internet barely was there. AOL CDs were the common coasters on the coffee table and the sweet sounds of dial-up indicated you were headed to a chat room or forum.

Oh yeah, there was Netscape as the primary browser too.

You know what? 'We done messed up good' as we were learning and building this online world and culture.

"A/S/L" should not have been what we were after back then. There shouldn't have been a 'no girls allowed' sign on gaming in general.

I know my wife was one of those who saw that sign or was even turned away. I held the door open for her and now she's a fierce healer in the random battlegrounds of #Warcraft. I know she out heals me on a regular basis. Unless I get a blue shell she's also liable to kick my butt in Mario Kart.

Some of us were just too immature to understand what we were doing. Others knew better, or should have known better.

Well, we know better now, and that's what groups like NTG are all about.

From @synnistar

You see, Synnistar. We need more kids like the ones you're bringing into the world. We need heralds of your positive legacy so we can all work as a team to make the Internet (and the world) a better place.

It's a daunting task, but we will do it...


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