Flinthook Review

I have never written a review, this is my first one, so let's jump in with that in mind.

Let's talk Flinthook, made by Tribute Games Inc.  If you know these guys you know they have made amazing games such as Wizorb, Mercenary kings and so forth. In my opinion, they know their platforming really well, and this is actually an understatement because to my surprise they surpassed what I thought platforming was.

Flinthook has some of the best movements and hook shot mechanics I have seen. It also has a gorgeous pixel art brought to life by Stephane Boutin and Johan Vinet, and a soundtrack that I just can't get enough of. I am blown away by how precise and tight the game feels with a nice controller in your hands. When I move Flinthook to the place I want him to go he does it with such precision and grace. The shooting is pretty good and you can acquire upgrades for everything from a wonderful shop with little green currency, which is done by a card based system that you get, based on how much treasure you pick up throughout a run. All upgrades are permanent, which is incredibly helpful, and they make it a bit easier to get where you need to go.  There is also an amazing ability at your disposal which is a time manipulation belt that you can use to get you out of tight spots.

There are a handful of bounties or “bosses” that you end up fighting at the end of so many runs. At the end of a run you acquire a ghost gem, and when you get enough, your little living compass leads you to the final showdown, where you face off against the “Bounty”, which is rather challenging.  Once you defeat it, you then move on to the next “Bounty”.

 I am an avid fan of the platformer genre, and also the occasional roguelike, so I was blown away with this little surprise from Tribute games.  The levels are very well thought out and enemies are challenging.

I think of the many titles Tribute has made and I feel this one will be a huge success for them, and I can’t wait to see how far they can go with this game.  You can pick this game up on Steam, PS4 or XBOX one and it's priced at a reasonable 14.99.  If you haven't given this title a chance please pick it up, this is one game you won't want to miss out on.

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